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Educate Yourself

The following brief fact sheets will help you familiarize yourself with the current conflict occurring in Palestine and Israel.

History of Palestine

It is a common myth that the conflict in this area is thousands of years old. This fact sheet will help to explain the roots of the conflict dating back to the late 1800s. Please click here for more.

Israel's Current Violations

Occupation and deprivation of basic human rights are examples of the ongoing crimes that Israel is committing against the indigenous Palestinian population. This fact sheet summarizes the more grievous incidents that have occurred in recent years. Please click here for more.

New Mexico Support for Israel

New Mexico holds a special status in its support for Israel, especially through the local military industry. This fact sheet outlines the major contributions and special relationship that New Mexico holds with Israel, enabling its war crimes. Please click here for more.

US Support for Israel

The US pledges unwavering support for all Israeli activity through political and financial means. Without this support Israel would be forced to submit to international law. This fact sheet highlights how the US taxpayer is funding the ongoing human rights violations and war crimes committed by Israel. Please click here for more.

The United Nations and Israel

Since the creation of the state of Israel, there have been numerous United Nations resolutions and investigations condemning the actions of the Jewish state. This fact sheet highlights the most recent investigation of Israel's human rights record and violations. Please click here for more.

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